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True Freedom


There is often confusion about what freedom, true freedom, actually is. Eugene Peterson rightly has said, “Living in the land of the free has not made us free.” This is, in part, because some believe freedom is merely being able to do what one wants, without restraints, for one’s own pleasure. But what if freedom, a freedom which leads to genuine human flourishing and transformation, looks radically different than this?

In comes Jesus, who offers himself as the truth who sets people free through self-sacrificial love. Followers of Christ, therefore, have been set free from the bondage and restraints of sin and brokenness. But this freedom has a goal, a direction, a calling. Paul explains that believers are called to freedom, and that this freedom must be used to love and serve others. Peter writes, “As servants of God, live as free people, yet do not use your freedom as a pretext for evil.”

True freedom, then, is not about having the ability to do whatever one wants for personal pleasure. Instead, Christians are made free from sin through Jesus to live a transformed life—a freed life which is designed to follow Jesus, love others without boundaries, serve willingly, and seek first the kingdom. This is true freedom which leads to genuine transformation and fulfillment. 

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