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After serving for 8 years as an associate pastor at Saving Grace Bible Church in Venice, FL., Pastor Eric Borgstrom received the elder’s blessing to pursue a lead pastor role. At which point, he started to interact with like-minded ministries in an attempt to see where there was a need and opportunity. In the course of those interactions, one area kept coming up on the radar, as several different ministry leaders were testifying to the need for an expository ministry in the northern Charlotte region.


As discussions continued, what made this area even more appealing was its proximity to a campus of The Expositors Seminary, located at Twin City Bible Church in Winston Salem, NC. Because we are devoted to the development and training of men for ministry, proximity to a TES campus was one critical factor in pursuing a new church ministry in this area.


Not only did the Lord providentially direct in those ways, He has also directed in His provision. First, a team of close friends and faithful churchmen have committed to joining the Borgstroms in this new ministry. Secondly, the Lord stirred in the hearts of some brothers in Christ to bless the ministry with a generous financial donation. Thirdly, the elders of Saving Grace Bible Church in Venice, FL., have committed to providing leadership until a plurality of qualified elders are established in the new church.


This is one of several reasons why we are thrilled with the opportunity to carry on the Saving Grace Bible Church name and identity in the new work. All of these factors cause us to rejoice in the Lord’s kindness and providential directing in this season. If you have any questions or are interested in this ministry, we would love to hear from you!

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