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Mission Tarboro – Dylan and Krista Nixon

God called us to our neighborhood in Tarboro to reach a specific group of people He put on our
heart. Most of the families in our neighborhood are unchurched or don’t know the gospel well.
According to the “Pockets of Lostness” research done by the NC Baptist State Convention, 70%
of families in Tarboro do not know the gospel (see citations below). Many of the kids in our
neighborhood come from tough family dynamics. Many do not live with both parents, or they live
with their grandparents. We bought a house in this area intending to reach these kids and
parents. The kids, mostly from fourth grade to early teenagers, come to our house often, usually
3-5 times per week to have a snack and water and play basketball. We want to provide a safe
place for these kids and families to go where they know someone is there for them. The parents
love us because they want their kids to have good adult influences in their lives.

I am also a substitute teacher in Edgecombe County Public Schools. Here I meet a lot of people
from different backgrounds. The story of the kids in my neighborhood is the same story of many
students in the public schools. Today, the nuclear family is much less common than it used to
be. There is much spiritual darkness in the public schools and little biblical literacy. There are a
good number of churches in Tarboro, but some do not follow sound doctrine and others are not
effectively reaching their lost neighbors. Because of the history of segregation in Tarboro, some
patterns of “white” churches and “black” churches still remain. I feel that there is a need for God
to do a new work to build a church/churches that break these racial and social barriers while
retaining sound doctrine. The home ministry God has given us effectively breaks that barrier,
and we enjoy fellowship of diverse groups of people. We call this home ministry “Thrive
Community Fellowship.” We chose this name because we thrive only when we have fellowship
with godly biblical community (Acts 2:42-27).

God has called us not only to be an example, but to also share His word. This is the only way
communities can be transformed into the glory of Christ. We hold “Fiery Friday” outreaches at
our house where kids and parents are invited to come enjoy a campfire, smores, sometimes hot
dogs, and pray and hear God’s word together. Last year during the spring, summer, and early
fall, we also held house church meetings. These Sunday meetings were eventually cancelled
once football season hit (because the kids were going other places), and I had to deal with
some personal needs. Now we are inviting kids and families to come to church with us so that
we can all hear God’s word together. We may be able to resume the Sunday meetings if we get
enough of a gathering and consistent help from God’s people. We are also planning an
outreach called a “Youth and Family Revival” in the future, probably in November. Starting this
summer, we plan to collaborate with other individuals and churches to do “prayer stations”
where we pray for random people in public places, outreaches at the coffee shop and maybe
other restaurants, more neighborhood ministry and other ministries as opportunity arises. I am
also passionate about biblical counseling to help families apply the gospel to their own
situations, hurts, and habits to learn how to glorify God in their home lives.

I am currently praying for discernment about which church in Tarboro will be our home church.
We may help plant a nearby church or simply be part of another biblical church that is already
established. I want to collaborate with as many biblical churches as are willing, through Rooted
Network (see As the vice president of Rooted Network, some ways I am
collaborating with individuals and churches include, prayer networking and sending other

missionaries, helping other churches with their outreaches, preaching/speaking at other
churches, and helping to administrate Rooted Network (see our “Who we Are page” to see how
you or your church can become involved!). God has given me some great relationships with
many pastors and strong Christian families. We are very blessed. Whatever we do, I don’t want
to be alone, I want to be with the people of God where I can personally experience discipleship
and fellowship as I also disciple others.

One of the best ways that you can help us is to pray! Paul wrote to the Colossians, “continue
earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with much thanksgiving; meanwhile praying also for us,
that God would open to us a door for the word, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am
also in chains” (Colossians 4:2-3). Epaphras understood this lesson on prayer, who was “always
laboring fervently … in prayer,” or wrestling in prayer on behalf of God’s people, that they “may
stand perfect and compete in all the will of God” (Colossians 4:7).


Here are some specific prayer requests:

1. That God would sanctify me continually and help my family to grow in Christ. And for the
salvation of my children.
2. That God would provide for our financial needs.
3. That God would open doors for the gospel and enable us to speak God’s word to
specific people and situations.
4. That God would convict people in our community of sin and convince them for their need
of Jesus Christ, bringing them to faith and repentance.
5. That God would transform those who have come to faith into the image of Christ and
help them to “cast of the works of darkness” (Romans 13:12) and learn to “abstain from
fleshly lusts that war against the soul” (1 Peter 2:11).
6. That God would use His church locally and globally to train disciples who train disciples
(2 Timothy 2:2).
7. For guidance in how to collaborate and partner with other churches.

Another way you can help is to support financially what we are doing. Any support you give is
greatly appreciated. There is a place to give online on the Rooted Network website
( on the give online drop-down box labeled “Dylan Nixon - Mission Tarboro.” My
financial goal as a local missionary is to raise $1500 per month during school months (August-
May) and $2500 per month during summer months (June-July) when there is more ministry
since school is out. I have already been treating ministry as a part time job, but we will need
help from the people of God to make this sustainable and be able to put more time into ministry.

We spend about $50 in ministry food per month. We also spend some money on gospel tracts,
Bibles, and books according to spiritual needs of people that we minister to. I would currently
estimate $150 for those expenses this year, but potentially more next year. We will budget $500
dollars for the youth and family revival I am planning (hopefully in November). I will budget $300
dollars for other outreach expenses such as renting a facility or getting supplies for outreaches.
The rest of the money raised will be used to meet my own personal financial needs, especially
for maintaining our house and taking care of my family, for “the laborer is worthy of his wages”
(1 Timothy 5:18).

I am so thankful for the people of God and pastors who are supporting us so far! All praise and
glory be to God.

In Christ,

Pastor Dylan
May 2024


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How you can impact Lostness. How you can impact lostness | Baptist State Convention of North
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