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What to expect at our Sunday Worship Gatherings


  • Dress & Style 

Rooted Church strives to be a "come as you are church." The range of dress is between wearing gym clothes, shorts, jeans, T-shirts, polo shirts and some folks even dress up. We want to be all things to all people that some might know the Gospel. In general, we dress according to the season of the year and the weather forecast. We are a casual church that meets in a modern acting studio at Pure Life.


  •  9:55am - Prayer Mobilization (Unthinkable Prayer)

Rooted Church arrives early to pray together. We offer praises to God and give thanks. We exercise faith  in unthinkable prayer to the Triune God in trust to the Redeemer Everyone is welcome to pray. 


  • 10:15am - Before Church Gathering

We like to hang out, connect, drink coffee, eat snacks, party and welcome one another with each other.


  • 10:30am - Sunday Worship Gathering 


Music, Scripture Reading & Vision Prayer

Rooted Church sings the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ in a worshipful manner. We read the Scriptures from the Bible. We have elements such as a call to worship, announcements, vision prayer with the congregation together to lift up praises, prayer requests, thanksgiving and needs for church, city, and countries. We rotate elements like testimony, children’s story, parent-child dedication, video clips, and commissioning. 


 Unapologetic Preaching

Our pastor and teaching team is committed to preach the Old & New Testaments by going through books of the Bible verse by verse. The aim of the message is to preach God’s word accurately with a gospel-centric perspective.  We provide a space for those five years old and under to be blessed through games, play, song, and Bible story by qualified teachers who have been screened and trained.  


Communion (Lord’s Supper)

We remember the Gospel (the death, burial, and resurrection) on a monthly basis at Rooted Church; usually on the third Sunday of the month. We view Communion as a memorial of the Gospel. Practically, Communion serves to remember, renew, reconcile, restore and refresh.  


  • 12:00pm - After Church Gathering

Rooted Church is commissioned every Sunday by being sent and scattered into the city as salt and light. We eat together in the same manner that the early church broke bread together. Lunch is free to all guests.

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