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Manny Lee

Manny is one of the members of our youth group here at Rooted Church. On Sunday mornings, you can find him joyfully waving the "You are Loved" sign to every passersby on Hillsborough Street. He also faithfully serves in ways such as the set-up and tear-down on Sunday mornings.

Here is Manny's Testimony:

Growing up in a Christian household and being a pastor’s son, Manny had for the longest time simply believed that he was a Christian because everyone he was ever around claimed to be, or was in fact, a Christian. Even though he was told in Sunday school and sermons that just because you attend church or were a part of a Christian household does not mean you are a Christian, Manny belligerently ignored those daunting truths. Additionally, Manny knew almost all of the Bible stories, many theological facts, and numerous Bible concepts, but he never really believed them or took them to heart. Then after experiencing a few events of humility, listening to touching sermons, and havinng “ah-ha!” moments of “Gospel-realization,” the puzzle pieces started to click together in Manny’s mind. The truth was that he was a sinner in need of a Saviour, that Jesus was that Saviour, and that being a clergyman’s son did not deem him a true Christian.

What is your favorite passage of Scripture?

James 1:17 (NIV) says “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

This verse vigorously harmonizes with me because it reminds me that everything we have, own, and will acquire is from God. Furthermore, it reminds me that God does not change, that He will never not love me and is with me. Also, it resonates with me because my mother would always tell me that every gift is from God, and because I had a sticker with this verse on the widow of my family’s car.

What was important in a church that it brought you to Rooted? How long have you been here?

The only important aspect of a church that is imperative for me to abide by is that my Dad goes there. Because he trained me and shaped my views and those are the views of Rooted, I doth suppose I agree with what Rooted stands for. And to be honest, I do not exactly have a choice because I can not drive to attend another church. I have been a part of Rooted, since the day it popped into existence. From Colonial, to Sonorous Theatre, to Apex Community Park, and then to Pure Life Theatre. I’ve seen this body of believes morph and change from conception to how it is now.

What is something that COVID has grown you?

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, I have grown in numerous ways: academically, physically, mentally, psychologically, and most importantly spiritually. I have dug into God’s word more, prayed more, relied on God more, and have had God more present in my thoughts and mind.

Covid has made us all change and grow in unnatural ways, but I am happy to say that I believe I am doing better academically, physically, mentally, psychologically, and most importantly spiritually after and because of the global pandemic.

What is your biggest hope to see happen within the Rooted family?

My biggest hope for Rooted is that it would grow in size, but more importantly in its belief in the profound power of prayer. I also pray that the youth and college ministries would expand.

Take a moment of your time and thank God for the ways He has and continues to work In Manny's life. Join in with Manny's prayer for growth in our ministry to reach the next generation with the Gospel!

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